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Announcing Dark Regions Digital - Ebooks Across All Ebook Platforms


Dark Regions Press is happy to announce the launch of Dark Regions Digital, our line of ebooks across all major ebook platforms including Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Sony e-reader, Kobo, Palm and PDF.

Dark Regions Digital titles will be mass distributed through OverDrive and EBSCO, giving over 100,000 academic and professional institutions access to the titles.  

We will typically release digital editions two months after the hardcover edition of a book was launched for order/preorder on the DarkRegions.com website.  There are plans to offer the ebook editions as a free bonus to customers who preorder/order premium hardcover editions of our titles.

To find Dark Regions Digital titles, simply search for "Dark Regions Digital" or "Dark Regions Press" in the ereader of your choice.  Note that because this is a new launch not all titles may come up immediately under search.

View our Digital section for further details.

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