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The Creeping Kelp by William Meikle

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Lovecraftian Monster Horror from William Meikle

Some seaweed, a jellyfish and some material brought back from the Peabodie expedition to Antarctica. An innoccuous enough blend you might think. But when a storm in the North Atlantic frees a sample that has been dormant inside an old wreck, the new creature finds that it is hungry. Our plastics-oriented society has given it an abundant supply of food… more than enough for it to grow, and build, and spread.

Can anyone escape the terror that is… THE CREEPING KELP?

“The author is relentless; just when you catch your breath, something new and exciting happens, sending you spinning into another part of the adventure, and keeping you flipping pages to see what’s next. “ – Horrorworld

Quick Info: Available in Trade Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-937128-15-9, 158 pages, MSRP $14.95) available on DarkRegions.com, Amazon, various bookstores and libraries and Available at Standard Wholesale Discount in Ingram Book Group Distribution Catalog (ipage).

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