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Broken Sigil by William Meikle Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

There are houses like this all over the world. Most people only know of them from whispered stories over campfires; tall tales told to scare the unwary. But some...those who suffer...know better. They are drawn to these places to ease their pain.

If you have the will, the fortitude, you can peer into another life, where the dead are not gone.

"This storyline, which begins as a dark-around-the-edges tale, seamlessly runs to full black, and readers have a first class ticket for a rollercoaster ride in this fascinating novella." —Shannon Raab, Suspense Magazine

“Broken Sigil is a very dark look at love and loss. While the novella has the feel of an urban fantasy, it has a dark spin to it that cuts like a razor blade into the reader’s soul.” —Josef Hernandez, Examiner

“Broken Sigil is moody, dark, and packs an impressive amount of old-school horror into a slim volume…Meikle spins us a more complex and frightening tale about love, loss, and a dangerous obsession with recapturing the past “  —J. G. Walker, Court Street Literary Collective



Premium Collector's Hardcover Edition

  • Limited to 100 Signed and Numbered Copies Worldwide.
  • Signed by author William Meikle.
  • Exclusive mini-hardcover format.

Retail price: $37.50
DarkRegions.com price: $33




Menace by Gary Fry Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

Jane Marlow is a successful model with a London home and a bright future. But now she has a problem: after a night of unbridled passion with a TV actor, she’s pregnant.

After taking on a mysterious modeling project in the northeast of England, Jane finds herself growing increasingly attached to her unborn child. But other changes are also underway.

Something is dogging the development of her baby, something that casts long shadows across her. Before her child is born, can an engagement with a best-selling novelist help identify what menaces her?

“Menace is, quite simply, a great novella…Rather than punching you in the gut, Fry’s brand of horror is more like the demon that stands just behind you and whispers in your ear.” —Josef Hernandez, Examiner



Premium Collector's Hardcover Edition

  • Limited to 100 Signed and Numbered Copies Worldwide.
  • Signed by author Gary Fry.
  • Exclusive mini-hardcover format.

Retail price: $37.50
DarkRegions.com price: $33





Dream of the Serpent by Alan Ryker Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

Cody Miller is on the brink of having it all: an MBA, a high-powered job in corporate finance, and the girl of his dreams. And then one mistake, one unfortunate accident, takes it all away in the blink of an eye. His future, his health and his hope—gone—up in flames, leaving him the victim of an unimaginably horrific injury.

Upon emerging from a coma, Cody discovers his life and plans have been shattered. As he struggles to find the strength to go on and a reason to live, he slowly begins to realize things may not be as they seem. His life has changed more than he could've ever imagined, but someone…or something…may be working beneath the surface…changing the world around him, altering lives and procuring victims…an ancient evil that hides in plain sight and destroys as it consumes.

To uncover the truth, Cody will have to forget everything he thought he knew about reality in order to salvage his sanity and save the life of the woman he loves.

How much would you give, how far would you go, what would you sacrifice, to save the person you love more than life itself? From deep within the flames, Cody Miller is about to find out.

"Far from a typical tale of horror, there is mystery and a mental web of intrigue that will suck the reader into the vortex that is Alan Ryker’s bold style." —Tome Tender

"Dream of the Serpent is more dark fantasy than horror, descending into the darkest breaches of the human mind." —I Heart Reading

“Dream of the Serpent is a unique novel that captures human emotion and sends the reader on an emotional rollercoaster that is sure to linger long after the final word is read." —Examiner

"Alan Ryker's Dream of the Serpent is a complex, heavily detailed dissertation on just how far a person will go to save someone they love…It's quite a thought-provoking plotline concept." —Fresh Fiction



Premium Collector's Hardcover Edition

  • Limited to 100 Signed and Numbered Copies Worldwide.
  • Signed by author Alan Ryker.
  • Custom front cover stamp.
  • Wraparound full color dust jacket.

Retail price: $75
DarkRegions.com price: $65 w/ Free Shipping




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