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Bones are Made to be Broken by Paul Michael Anderson

From: $4.99


Bones are Made to be Broken by Paul Michael Anderson – Debut Collection from the Author

This collection features 14 works of fiction by Paul Michael Anderson, including “All That You Leave Behind,” “To Touch the Dead,” “Love Song for the Rejected,” and a title novella written specifically for this book. Every story within is illustrated by artist/author extraordinaire Pat R. Steiner, who created the artwork for Qualia Nous Illustrated. The stories in BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN are a speculative blend of horror, science fiction, and unfiltered emotion. As Marge Simon puts it, “Anderson’s style is tensely exciting. This collection is a treasure for any horror or dark SF fan’s library.” Gene O’Neill sums up this collection with “Paul Michael Anderson writes like no other writer in dark fiction. Simply, he writes a Paul Michael Anderson story—the highest compliment any serious writer can hope to achieve.”

“An absolute must-read collection.” – Unnerving Magazine

“Every tale has one thing in common: Anderson’s ability to craft a compelling, thought-provoking, dark and beautifully heart-breaking story displaying the darkest depths of the human soul.” – This is Horror

“…overall [Bones are Made to be Broken is] a solid entry by a young, extremely talented storyteller that I hope to be reading more of in the future.” – Lit Reactor