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Carnacki: Heaven and Hell by William Meikle

"William Meikle has become one of my favorite storytellers--here with a trademark mingling of intrigue, suspense and fantasy in these linked tales. Part Sherlock Holmes, part Lovecraft, and all Meikle, these tales are perfect for curling up on a foggy night with a bottle and a fire."

- Scott Nivholeson, Amazon.com

"Meikle gets the style of the original stories so well that it is virtually impossible to distinguish his tales from the ones Hodgson wrote a century ago. In a couple of stories he brings in real world elements that Hodgson probably wouldn't have included; it doesn't distract at all. And Carnacki's four friends - who were VERY anonymous in the original stories - get rudimentary personalities (Arkwright is a bit of a twit).

I am generally fond of pastiches - Sherlock Holmes, Lovecraftian tales etc. - and this is one of the best I've read for quite some time."

- Stig Olsen, Goodreads.com

"For those few not in the know, this is a collection of pastiches about the Edwardian supernatural detective, Carnacki, created by author, William Hope Hodgson... William Meikle does a stand up job here, of capturing the tone of the original stories. He falls naturally into the more formal language of the period, without making it any less easy to read."

David Brzeski, britishfantasysociety.co.uk

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