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New DRP T-Shirt Photo Contest - Win Up To $99 in Collectible Books!


Dark Regions Press is excited to be running another photo contest!  This one is our simplest yet:

1. Take a photo of yourself in your Limited Run Dark Regions Press T-shirt (face should be included).  You can order a shirt directly by clicking here or get one in one of our new DRP Starter Kits.

2. Write at least two sentences about Dark Regions Press and what you like most about our company, products and/or staff (include them in e-mail seperate from photo).

3. Submit both the photo and the blurb to: media@darkregions.com

That's it!  Those three steps could win you a leather-bound signed by both author and artist Deluxe Hardcover with slipcase edition with a $99 retail value! 

To win one of the prizes just take a photo of yourself in your Limited Run DRP T-shirt, write a few sentences about our company and e-mail it all to media@darkregions.com

It's that simple!  Best of luck to all the entrants!


Submitters photo and blurb will be placed on the Our Customers page of the DarkRegions.com website and in the Dark Regions Press e-mail newsletter.

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