The Three Secrets – Unlock Over $1,000 in Prizes!


Unlock the three secrets… win great prizes! We are running a newsletter drive with a goal of bringing 1,000 new unique individuals interested in horror, fantasy and science fiction into the world of Dark Regions Press. First time joining the Dark Regions Press e-mail newsletter? Use the form on this page to sign up for free and enter for your chance to win!


Dark Regions Press free e-mail newsletter subscription:


How it Works:

Anyone who has never subscribed to our e-mail newsletter before that signs up at any point from February 7th 2017 until March 14th 2017 will have a chance to win over $1,000 in prizes by identifying and correctly sending us three hidden messages that will be inserted into three DRP e-mail newsletters at random between February 14th and March 14th 2017! Simply copy down each message as you find them, and when you’ve found all three send us an e-mail through our Contact Form with the list. We have something special for our existing subscribers as well: if you find all three hidden messages we will send you a very special ebook package!

The Prizes:

Over $1,000 in collectible book, paperback and ebook prizes. The grand prize winner (first new subscriber to send us all three hidden messages) will receive a whopping $500 worth of collectible and rare book prizes, three follow-up winners will receive $200 in prizes and another ten winners will receive up to $50 in prizes! Signed limited editions from Clive Barker, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and many more. Each winner will be sent a trove of collectibles and books (grab bag) for supporting our newsletter drive!

The Goal:

To add 1,000 or more quality and unique new subscribers to the Dark Regions Press e-mail newsletter! Thank you for your support in encouraging book collectors, fans of horror, fantasy and science fiction to join the free Dark Regions Press e-mail newsletter!


Only new unique subscribers qualify for the $1,000 prize pool. No multiple/duplicate sign-ups and no unsubscribing then re-subscribing to our e-mail newsletter to qualify. We track this carefully, but if you’re already subscribed you can still qualify for the special ebook package. The e-mail used to send us the secret message list must match the e-mail used to sign up to our free e-mail newsletter between February 7th and March 14th 2017. Please do not share the messages with others when you find them, that ruins the fun!

Thank You!

Please join us in encouraging book collectors, fans of horror, fantasy and science fiction to join the free Dark Regions Press e-mail newsletter! Thank you to everyone for your continued support of independent specialty publishing.

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